Holiday Spills 101

CHEERS!  Holidays are for celebrating and entertaining.  They are also tough on your carpets.  One simple slip and your carpet will remind you of your gathering for sometime. A few simple steps and you can help keep your carpets from a permanent stain.

Note: Before you attempt to remove a stain on your own make certain your carpet does not have any special cleaning requirements.  Carpets made from natural materials or have special dyes may need the assistance from a professional carpet cleaner.


  1. Buy and keep ready some Club Soda
  2. Grab a clean towel and begin to blot the spill. Remove as much of the liquid as you can without scrubbing. Scrubbing only grinds a stain into the carpet
  3. Apply club soda to the stained area.  Keep in mind:  before you apply any stain removal product or household item, test the remedy on a small patch of undamaged carpet.
  • Club Soda: This bubbly concoction is great for cleaning most any stain. It works on the same principles of our Hot Carbon Extraction method. The bubbles help breakup the stain and the higher levels of acidity give it deeper stain penetrating power

Or call Right Way Carpet Cleaning to help remove your holiday stains.

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